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Human studies show that running, biking, and hiking increase anandamide levels in the blood. The ECS system is primarily responsible for “runner's high” (to a much larger degree than endorphins). 

Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture has been shown to activate the ECS. This helps to explain why people receive benefits from acupuncture treatment.


  • In a recent study researchers found that repeated treatment with electroacupuncture resulted in an increase in cannabinoid receptors in a part of the brain called the striatum.

  • In another study, researchers found that electroacupuncture reduced the expression of proinflammatory cytokines in inflamed skin tissues through activation of cannabinoid CB2 receptors.



Aerobic exercise helps to activate the ECS. 


  • Male and female runners significantly increased their AEA levels after 30 minutes of moderately intense treadmill running.

  • The increased levels of AEA occurred between 70%-80% of the age adjusted heart rate.

  • Very high or very low level intensity exercise did NOT produce increased levels of AEA.

  • The charts below show the levels referenced in the study.









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Endurance Exercise
Yoga Exercise

Yoga stretching and breathing exercises combined together serve as a great way to activate the ECS in your body.


Let's connect the dots below:

  • Anandamide (AEA, endogenous analog of THC) has been shown to be boosted by doing yoga.

  •  Yoga has been shown to significantly decrease hand pain and increase hand flexibility and function in osteoarthritis patients.

  • Yoga has been shown to improve bronchial asthma, coronary atherosclerosis, chronic lower back pain and depression.

  • Yoga has been shown to improve mood, cope with stress and increase extroversion.


Do you see the benefits of yoga lining up with the benefits of medical cannabis?

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